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It may happen that in your “hut” there will be only “first movers”. How to weave a rope, shoe laces (they are “swept away” (taken away) during a “shmona”), how to make an electric stove, boxing paws for training, and much more is a mystery for a “rookie”. This chapter is devoted to the solution of these everyday problems. So, let's start with ROPE.

First of all, it is needed so that the pants do not fall and the shoes do not fall off. Without a rope you won’t make a “road”, you won’t send a “little thing”, you don’t hang a curtain on a “far away”. To make it, you need to weave socks or a sweater. Socks are more often woven, therefore, through a lawyer (yours or your neighbor), give free rein a request to “drive into the country house” more new ones, best made of natural cotton socks (old ones make fragile threads). The sock must be incised in the place where the big toe should rest, and gradually dissolve it. Dissolution is in 2-3 threads that are wound on matchboxes. If the thread is broken - tie it, that's okay. When the threads are wound, the thickest one is selected from them. The first convict becomes in one corner of the "hut", the other - in the other, as far as possible from the first. The rope is tied into a ring, a thread with a ball at the end leaves the knot. Begin to sort the rope in a circle, the thread will be wound from a ball. When the knot passes a full circle, the ring will already consist of two threads. Then out of three - and so on. The more turns, the thicker the rope will be. Nodules do not bother you - cut the sticking out strings from an already finished rope.


So, two prisoners hold in their hands 20-30 rings of thin strings. Next - weave them into a rope. The threads are torn in one place, the third prisoner is taken for the tattered end. Pens are tied to ragged ends. Two people start twisting the fountain pens clockwise, twisting the thread as tight as possible. When both ends are evenly twisted, they are folded together, one fountain pen is attached to them, and it spins already in the opposite direction. The rope is woven according to the principle of a rubber motor - first it is twisted in one direction, then, as if by inertia, in the other.

If you need a strong thread, it is done as follows. Several thin strings of equal length are taken and stacked together. They are all threaded into the needle, the needle is placed in the middle of the folded strings. After that, two prisoners, holding on to the ends of these strings, twist them one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. When the thread is tightly twisted, it is folded in half (the tension of the thread at the time of folding is necessary, otherwise it will curl up in lumps). One convict holds on to the needle, the other, holding the two ends of the thread folded together, twists them in the direction opposite to the one to which he initially twisted. By the same principle of a rubber motor, you get a strong, reliable thread with a needle. The needle is usually very politely “freezing” (begging) from a hostess sister who periodically visits the “house”.

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Rotorm - Tactical Products

In order to isolate the “dalnyak” from prying eyes, ropes are stretched over it, onto which sheets are hung. Ropes are tied to brackets driven into walls. Staples are made of wire, broken during a walk from the net of the walking patio, stretched overhead at arm's length. Instead of a hammer, a heavy winding, broken out of fluorescent lamps, is used.

For the construction of the “ROAD” with the lower chamber, one has to “cry” with neighbors “from the tails” (from the grate) and, tied a load pebble to the rope, lower it down (the pebble breaks out of the “fur coat”). If the "cilia" interfere (fixed metal blinds on the window, in addition to the main grille), the upper "cilia" is bent down using a sheet twisted into a bundle. The cilia is captured by a tourniquet, after which they hang on the sheet with the whole body.

Keep in mind that “roads”, limbs of “cilia”, etc., are necessary but dangerous things. Therefore, prior to the execution of the plan, it is necessary to “hammer the screw in advance”, that is, to close with the body (strongly said!) One of the prisoners the peephole. In the case of a “rascal”, the “commander” is actively “squatted on the ears” (they carry all sorts of nonsense), while the rest of the prisoners notice traces of the crime.


When the neighbors are on the side, proceed as follows. They agree with the “tails”, and at the appointed time, the prisoners in the next cell put out the “fishing rod” (a glass stick, pulled out of the window frame) from the window, and you make a “shotgun” and shoot it with the “control” (thread ), trying to get on the "bait". After that, the neighbors drag the “control” into the “hut”, followed by the thicker rope of the “road”.

Shotguns do this. They turn the newspaper into a tube, tie it with a thread so that it does not unfold. Having bent the “gun” a little, a thread with a paper cylinder tied to it is passed through it. Then they put a "gun" between the "cilia" and blow it powerfully. The cylinder flies out and pulls a string, which should catch on a "fishing rod". The hit is one out of a hundred cases, but in prison conditions the sheepskin is worth the candle.

Rotorm - Military Products

Not only “little things”, but also “warmings” go through the “roads”, they are also cigarettes, tea, etc. The “goods” are wrapped in a newspaper so that they can be dragged through the “eyelashes” and attached to “ road ”with two loops above and below.

“WASHING” - a razor for cutting nails, cutting off the edges of playing cards, etc., breaks out from disposable razors.

The electric stove is made from a boiler. To begin with, the boiler extends to the shape of the letter M in the McDonald's sign. It is done like this. Gloves are put on hands (or palms are wrapped with rags). After that, the boiler warms up without water for 20-30 seconds, is turned off from the wall outlet and is expanded by millimeter. The second convict periodically turns on and off the boiler from the outlet. It is necessary to unscrew the spiral carefully, since the boiler can “shoot”, that is, simply explode. After that, the joint of the boiler and wire is insulated with a strip of a plastic bag heated over a fire. The fabricated ten is embedded in the cement tile as follows. An unfolded spiral is placed in liquid cement, poured into a sugar box, so that its metal surface protrudes slightly above the surface of the cement, and the insulated ends protrude beyond the borders of the box. After the cement has dried, the hotplate is ready.

True, the cement crumbles quickly due to high temperature, but thanks to the cardboard box, the tile does not fall apart. Food is prepared and warmed directly in breech aluminum "shlenkami" (bowls). Cement is mined in this way.

Several tiles come off the floor. After that, the corridor is called a “bug” (the “bug” is a lantern above the cell door. The prisoner presses a switch - a lantern lights up in the corridor - the “oldest” is the call). The “elder”, imbued with the misfortune of the wards, calls out “hozbyks” (convicts left to serve their sentences in prison, not in the zone, and doing all kinds of household work). Hozbyki come with a bucket of cement. The rest is a matter of technology.

The clock is not set in prison either (I don’t know how it is now, but in 1994 everything was just like that). So, you need to ask a lawyer to bring a children's pocket electronic game on batteries, which are now sold in bulk in stores selling calculators, electronic watches, etc. In such games, small inconspicuous watches are located at the top.

Money in jail is also worth it. Once a month there is a “stall” - the administration sells butter, sugar, tea and some other products of clever prisoners who managed to save money during the “shmona” or get it from a lawyer and managed to bring it to the “hut”. You can carry money in the insole (not underneath it!), Clothing lining (by the way, they are in prison in what you were “received” or were able to pass on from will. Therefore, it is better to think over “clothes” in clothes in advance). And then the money is voluntarily surrendered to the representative of the administration (against receipt!), An account is opened for you, you buy products for this money (as if by bank transfer), and the rest is given to you after release.

Of course, a good lawyer can help you a lot. Naturally, it costs a lot of money, but freedom is more expensive. In addition to the main work in the interests of your protection, he will bring something tasty in his bag, hand over the news from his will, money for the "stall", etc. This, of course, is a violation on his part, he may "not make such requests" but worth a try.

In general, the ability to “breed” people for what you need is a necessary thing in prison. The lawyer will stir once again, the “go-ahead” will take the “warm” and the latest news to another “hut”, the “balander” (“hozbyk”, delivering food) will fill in the extra portion, unless, of course, this infringes the interests of other “huts”. “Balander” is the same arrestee, and an extra heel of cigarettes will not hurt him. And in court, the ability to defend one’s point of view, to show oneself on the right side is useful. I repeat, life is not sparring, it is a fierce battle without rules in which you must learn to win by any means acceptable to you.

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