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Wikipedia Protest on Imminent Adoption to SOPA
The Stop Online Privacy Act, commonly referred to as SOPA, is a bill that remains a hot topic in the United States. By giving the government more leverage in the prevention of online privacy, many believe that the legislation is actually designed to instill a higher level of censorship on the internet. While some of the key points made in the bill itself point out that intellectual property is consistently being counterfeited, the overreaction to the issue has led to consistent and well-organized protests on a variety of online platforms. Paired with PIPA check here more about the Protect IP Act), SOPA is calling for the search engines to block specific sites that stream copyrighted material, causing unrest in the US-based, online population. Using platforms such as Facebook, protestors quickly spread the word, invoking an outcry that cited a “very slippery slope”, and once websites such as Wikipedia began protests of their own, it was apparent that quite a philosophical battle was underway.

The Wikipedia Protest
Wikipedia’s protest of the United States’ SOPA legislation is nothing new to those that follow international politics. As witnessed in response to Italy’s legislation of similar motive, Wikipedia “blacked out” its website for a 24-hour period, simply reminding everyone that the internet as we know it, without censorship, remains one of our greatest allies. The move was well-received, though there are several politicians in the United States that continue to push for the adoption of the SOPA and PIPA legislation.

Wikipedia’s Continued Efforts
This topic has reached a fever pitch, and Wikipedia is not resting their efforts solely on a 24-hour blackout period. With their own “SOPA Initiative”, the popular online informational portal is sharing information about the bill, the individuals who support it, and encouraging others to stand up against the censorship implied in its details. Calling for a “blacklist” instead of a “blackout”, Wikipedia is asking those that support their cause to completely abandon any websites or politicians who support SOPA or PIPA. The seriousness of the issue cannot be denied when considering how far organization’s such as Wikipedia are willing to go to protect online privacy.

Protecting Your Privacy
The discussions about how to properly handle SOPA and PIPA continue, but you are not powerless to protect your privacy. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, can be the gateway to online access without the watchful eyes of the government (or other prying parties). Already used in countries where oppressive regimes censor the internet, the connection point allows for remote access and the ability to see website that your government has blocked. While it may seem far-fetched, the day may soon be coming in which Americans must concern themselves with similar technology.


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