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Every once in awhile my wife looks up to me while she's peeing and tells me that she just doesn't trust the authenticity of a relationship unless it's members can urinate (and more) in front of each other. I spit my toothpaste into the sink, hand her some toilet paper, and say "Yeah, I guess I'd agree with that."
I've received a handful of questions on this topic: the do's and don'ts of grooming and domesticating; the limits and codes of conduct between a couple. The reality is -- like so many other things -- individual pairs have to draw that comfort line in the sand --or into each other's sandy pubic hair as the case may be.

Farting, peeing and pooping with the door open, zit popping, toe clipping, spit cleaning, flossing and sharing a toothbrush --for some couples, is as commonplace as sharing a bottle of shampoo; for others, the very thought is unconscionable.
There are variant schools of thought on the matter: On one hand, anyone who owns an as*hole and skin needs to tend to it; why not do so freely and collectively? On the other gloved hand, some people believe hiding or protecting their lover from these routine necessities, extends the grace and romance between two people. Once a man realizes urine comes out of his lady's vagina, will he still want to perform oral on it? Can a woman squeeze a man's butt cheeks with the painful knowledge that sometimes diarrhea spews from that same area?
Either way, I believe couples enter the relationship within a 10-15% comfort zone of each other; it's not realistic to sustain a long-term relationship with someone you're not hygienically/domestically compatible with. For example, a guy who expects to pick and pop his girl's bacne can't be married to a woman who locks the bathroom door when she passes gas. It won't work.
To understand where these expectations come from is an anthropological study of socialization and domestication; namely: how you wuz raised. For example, show me a daughter who was raised by a farty, walking around in tighty-whitey Dad, and I'll show you a girl who feels at home when her man does the same. Show me a son, who's never seen his mother burp and I'll show you his expectations of a woman.
Peter picked a pussing pimple on Patty. But if Preppy Patty got pissed, chances are their relationship is pooped? Am I wrong? Are you dating someone whose domestic expectations are far from yours? Can it work? Is there a middle ground, such as: "Yes, you can pick my in-grown hairs so long as you wear latex gloves?
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