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Visit Costa Rei appartamenti sul mare my website,Perfect for families, and not only because of its uncomplicated, well-developed infrastructure, which lasts up to the beaches. It is predestined for vacations with children, because the seabed slopes lightly along its whole length and in many areas allows for long walks towards the open sea.There are hardly any pebbles, however you will find rocky reefs from the sea and large smoothly polished granite cubes in the normal grey of the area. Seaweed is quite rare on the beach during the bathing season. For those who
need stronger contrasts, create a detour for diving or snorkeling to the many hundred meter long rocky area Sant'Elmo, the cliff Scoglio di Peppino or to the endings of the major bay - Capo Ferrato in the northwest.Costa Rei, like the Of another summer day at Sardinia. 50 km from Cagliari, the capital of this island. Turquoise blue, crystal
clear water is characteristic of this stretch of coast, famous for its mild sand and its expanse. Several inland lakes produce a reserve for rare bird species. The Costa Rei is bordered to the south by the rocky and sandy bays of Sant'Elmo and to the north by Capo Ferrato, which is protected and cannot be built on. The natural beauty of the Costa Rei is like the famous Costa Smeralda.
Little bays alternate with long sandy beaches, in front of a hilly hinterland with evergreen macchia and imposing granite stones. The shore, even in the high season you can generally still find a quiet sunny place away from the beach exits and beach stalls.
And by the way: The largest part of the Costa Rei bay is totally free shore. So here you may put your towel and then put your
parasol wherever you want. But if you like to swap this kind of liberty for the comfort of a deckchair rental, you can do so
without any problems in the marked beach sections.


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