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Geetha Govindam Movie Review

Geetha Govindam is a beautiful and sweet story with a heart-warming ending that is full of happiness and love. The 300mb movies is a romantic comedy and revolves around the story of two married couples who are living in a small town near the sea.

They are named Rajiv (Sushil Kumar), a shy and reserved boy, and Rajesh (Sachin Dube), an outgoing young boy who wants to become a pilot. Both of them want to make it big as pilots but their parents don't let them do so, as they have other plans and aspirations of their own.

One day Rajiv's mother decides to sell her house to a builder, but when she goes to sell it to him, he says that the house is too small for her son to fly. He asks her to move to another area in the city. Rajiv is devastated as his dreams and hopes die in that moment.

In order to get his dream to come true, Rajesh decides to get a pilot's license and becomes one. Rajesh's girlfriend Geetha is also interested in becoming a pilot and joins him in his dreams, however, she has a different dream. She also starts a family with her boyfriend, named Bhavyash, who is also a pilot. As soon as the two of them start working on their dream, everything changes - everything.

Geetha's mother and father are both thrilled by their daughter's success and desire to become a pilot. However, when they come to know about Rajesh's plans to become a pilot, they feel threatened and they want to prevent this from happening.

Therefore, Rajesh and Geetha take matters in their own hands and become lovers. But they are not contented with their current life - they always want to go ahead and achieve their goals. And in this way, the film helps us to find out what a happy life is really all about.

Geetha's father is very strict and does not allow Rajesh and Geetha to date. They must wait for him to become happy and then he will allow them to get married. Although Rajesh and Geetha are in love, they are unable to wed because they are scared of the outcome of their marriage.

But Rajesh makes it possible for them to marry because he offers to pay for their wedding. The couple lives happily ever after.

This movie can be very touching as it depicts how a loving relationship can be made and kept. It is also a reminder of a happy life that is full of happiness.